Unboxing AmazonBasics’s 9-Ft USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Cable

I picked up an Amazon 9 foot USB-C to USB-C cable on Amazon for $8.50. I bought the white cable but it also comes in black. I bought this cable for my wife’s new 2018 iPad Pro which uses USB-C rather than the Apple lightning connector.

The iPad Pro comes with a 1M cable but I wanted a cable long enough so that she both use and charge the iPad at the same time while sitting on the couch. Ihe cable works with Apple’s 18w USB charger that was included with the iPad but she is using it with the Aukey 18W USB-C PD charger that I discussed is a previous video.

The cable seems well made, it’s a little thicker than I prefer but longer cables are usually thicker. Apple sells a 2M USB-C to USB-C charger cable for $19 which is more than 2X more expensive.

We haven’t used the cable too long yet so I can speak to the durability. I’ll update this article after we use it a little longer.

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