Using a SIM-free -activate with any carrier later iPhone Without a Wireless Plan

YouTuber, Jordyn, asks…

If I buy an iPhone (sim free activate with any carrier later) in full will I have to pay a monthly bill for texts/calls and wifi? Or do I have the option to not activate and pay that

Yes, you can buy an unlocked iPhone from Apple and choose not to activate it with any carrier and you not have to pay any monthly bill. Make sure you understand the details…

You can connect to the Internet, any place you have Wi-Fi access. You’ll be able to make and receive voice and video calls using Wi-Fi using FaceTime to other iPhones only. You’ll be able to send and receive text and picture messages to other iPhone using iMessage. You’ll need to set up a free Apple ID account using your email address. You will not have a phone number thought. Other iPhone users would Face Time call and send iMessages to your email address which is used as your Apple ID.

If you do not pay for a wireless plan, You will not have cellular data and no internet access unless connected to WiFi. You will not have a phone number and be able to call phone numbers. You will not be able to send or receive text and picture messages to Android phones.

Which iPhone model are you interested in? You may get an overall better deal buying an iPhone and service from a prepaid wireless company.

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