Using a Straight Talk iPhone with FreedomPop’s Free Phone Service

YouTuber Daniel asks,

My mom’s old iPhone 6s should be eligible to be unlocked, because it’s been active on Straight Talk for over a year, I should be able to use Freedom Pop, that way i won’t have a bill, i’ll have free service for life

Hi Daniel,
Yes that is true.
First if your Straight Talk iPhone 6s is locked but if it was active with Straight Talk for twelve months, they should unlock it for you. You can check if the device is eligible for unlocking, see Straight Talk Unlocking Policy. You can also check if the phone is unlocked by borrowing an ATT or Verizon nano SIM from someone and putting it in your iPhone 6s. If its unlocked, you should be able to make a call with it. If it’s locked, the phone should display an activation error and return to the phone inital setup screen.

If you decide to sign up for FreedomPop, you can order a SIM kit directly from Freedom Pop, click here.

When I reviewed FreedomPop the were some things I did like about it but also I real downsides to using it with the iPhone.

The Good

One the positive side FreedomPop will give you free 200 minutes of calling, 500 texts, and 200MB of data for free each month. And they also offer free FreedomPop to FreedomPop phone calls and text messages over both WiFi and cellular. So you can talk and text with another Freedom Pop phone for free

The Bad

Unfortunately FreedomPop’s service only really gives you a Voice Over IP phone service. You need to use the FreedomPop app for calls and texts messages. You cannot use the iPhone’s built in Phone app for calls, your iPhone doesn’t only thinks it has a data connection, not phone service. Also you will not be able to activate your phone number with iMessage, meaning all the text and picture messages sent by other iPhone will go to the FreedomPop app, not the built in Messages app. You can still use your email address for iMessage, but most people do not want to do that. Because of this, Freedom Pop doesn’t have a great experience with iPhone.

Also, if you use up your free calls, texts, and data they will bill you for an additional block of service, I think it cost me $15 when it happened to me.

You’ll need a PayPal account or Credit Card

You’ll need a credit card or PayPal account to sign up. They automatically charge this when you need more service. Also if I recall, when you sign up, they put you on s paid plan and then you need to downgrade to the free plan.

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