Using a Tracfone iPhone SE (2020) Without a Monthly Plan

YouTuber, Michael , asks

Can this Tracfone iPhone SE be bought without paying every month and pay once a year and then just add what you need

Michael left his comment on the video below.

Yes. You can. Here are some details.

In April 2021 you can buy the iPhone SE from Tracfone for $174.99 including a $25 Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text + 2 GB of Data. That is a great. deal for the new iPhone SE 2020. The iPhone SE has the body of an iPhone 8 (2017), the brains of this iPhone are similar to the iPhone 11 (2019).

To take advantage of this iPhone SE deal, you need to buy both the iPhone and a service plan. Tracfone only offers two plan options at the time of purchase, one for $20 unlimited talk and text service plan, the other for a $30 unlimited service plan. And, when you read, they make it seem like these phones can only be used with their unlimited smartphone plans. However, in my experience I have found that this is not the case.

Here is how I use mine. I activated the phone with the included plan. I had unlimited calls and texts for 30 days, the unlimited talk and text expired after 30 days but the 2GB of data rolls over as long as the account remains active. To keep my account active, I first added one year of service days with no calls, texts, or data for $50. After that, I added 1000 text messages for $5. After that, added 500 minutes for $10. This results in one year of service with the minutes and texts for $65 per year. You can choose any combination basic plans that include various amounts of talk, text, and data. Choose the basic plans that best meet your needs. My Tracfone iPhone SE is a backup phone for me, I don’t need much talk text and data. I prefer to spend my plan money on service days to keep the phone active. The talk, text, and data I do have on the phone automatically rolls over from month to month with active service.

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