Using a Verizon Android Phone with Straight Talk

Collen asks….

I just got a new phone and it is through Verizon, I have a straight talk prepaid phone plan already and id like to unlock the new Verizon Android so I can use my straight talk sim card that’s already active in the new phone. How do I do so? Straight talk said I need to contact Verizon

I do not know how to unlock your Verizon Android phone. Verizon has an unlocking policy, you can read it here:

It basically says that locked Verizon phones unlock automatically after 60 days once you meet the their terms.
For a postpaid Verizon phone purchased directly from Verizon, that’s automatically after 60 days. For a postpaid phone purchased from a Verizon retail partner or a Verizon prepaid phone it’s 60 days after it has been activated on Verizon service.

In the past, Verizon provided a link to request your device be unlocked. They no longer do that, I guess because the phone is supposed to automatically unlock. If you wish to persue it try to contact their customer service using an online forum or email.

If your Verizon phone meets the first case above it should automatically unlock in 60 days. Iff it is part of the second case, they may never unlock it with you.

Keep in mind that what you are really trying to do is use this phone with your existing Straight Talk service. It may turn out that even if the phone is unlocked you may not be able to use it with straight talk’s Verizon towers.

To use this phone with Straight Talk’s Verizon tower, Straight Talk needs to check that the phone is “compatible”. To do this, you provide the phone’s IMEI or MEID number (a serial number). Straight Talk checks that to make sure they can activate the phone on the Verizon towers. If you have already spoken to Straight Talk, you may have done this and been told the phone can’t be activated.
They may have told you the phone is “locked” or “not compatible”.

It’s possible for your phone to be unlocked and still not “be compatible”. Heck it’s possible that your phone isn’t even really locked. It’s all about that IMERA

If all of this is too much of a hassle and you bought and paid for the phone, see if you can return it. Buy an unlocked Verizon compatible phone, which should be elibigle. Make sure you can return it if there is a problem.

you can try moving the SIM card from your current phone to the new phone if it fits. If the phone works. You could use it like this. It’s not ideal for a number of reasons, but it does work for some.

If the phone is compatible with the AT&T or T-Mobile towers, you could get a Straight Talk SIM for those towers and acitvate that. Straight Talk won’t tell you that. Make sure the phone is compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile first. Verify if the phone is unlocked by borrowing an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM from a friend and see if the phone works. If it can make and receive a call, it’s unlocked.