Using Speedtest on the iPhone 5s to Test Straight Talk Wireless’ T-Mobile Compatible Network

In today’s video, I take a look at the network performance of Straight Talk’s T-Mobile compatible network using the Speedtest app on my iPhone 5s.  The results, are, well, interesting….


Check out the video


  1. Gerri | | Reply

    I once showed 4G on my unlocked iphone 5s and lately, the past 4-6 months I only show 3G. I have replaced my sim card, a $15 experiment, only to still show 3G. I contacted the wonderful ST customer service (useless) and they sent a ‘refresh signal’ to my phone… waste of time as it still shows 3G. Then I was told that my area (ATT area) is not offering 4G LTE. I told them that we DO have 4G in my area and then he said that Straight Talk does not offer 4G to any of their customers! Now I once had it but now I don’t. They won’t refund my annual unused months, said it’s against policy. They are horrible and have no idea as to what they’re doing. So.. no more 4G with Straight Talk.

  2. Wander | | Reply

    Hello I have an sprint iPhone 5s and is locked and I want to use it in Dominican Republic , how can I unlock it

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Wander,
      I have never unlocked a Sprint phone. Sprint won’t do it for you. You can google for something called GPP sim unlock.

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