Using StraightTalk T-Mobile SIM in the iPhone

Are you trying to use a StraightTalk TMobile SIM with your iPhone and having probems with voice, Data, or MMS? I have heard from a number of readers having problems.

A couple readers report their phones service indicator show ATT. They have tried all the APN values for StraightTalk and nothing seems to work.

I am looking into this, leave a comment here, if you have this problem.



  1. Cody | | Reply

    My iPhone 6 Plus is having a problem with Data and MMS. It was originally a T mobile phone.

  2. Jonathan | | Reply

    Hello, your website has been the most helpful one I’ve found. Here’s my current dilemma: My wife and I both have the iPhone 3GS with 6.1.3. They are both unlocked phones and worked great on Att. I switch them to straight talk and followed the instructions on your site to update the Apn for data & mms. My wife’s phone works with the standard att.mvno and its all good. My phone only seems to accept the tf data settings and is extremely slow. Mms and data both work but I can be in full 3G service and it will hardly load a google page or play a utube video. Did I do something wrong or what is the problem. Please help. It’s very frustrating. Thanks.

  3. Malik mobley | | Reply

    Yeah I’m having that problem… I have service and can send normal texts, but I can’t send picture messages or use data. And my service indicator switches between unicellular, us cellular, AT&T, and HOME… Please respond

  4. Karina | | Reply

    Yes i have this problem i receive calls and make calls. But no internet and no MMS. Regular text yes. But for some reason instead of saying T-mobile it starts saying Chinook.

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