Using the iPhone with StraightTalk

I wrote in my last post about setting up an iPhone 5 using StraightTalk. We went to the Apple Store bought the unlocked iPhone 5 then headed over to Walmart and bought the StraightTalk Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) kit.  That kit comes with three SIMS, 2 AT&T compatible, and one T-Mobile-compatible. Just like with Net10, I had to cut the AT&T-compatible SIM to a nano SIM so it fit in the iPhone 5.

While in Kmart, I noticed that they also sell the iPhone for StraightTalk. I started wondering if StraightTalk had nano SIMs for their iPhone 5’s but didn’t sell them for the BYOP plan. After looking at the iPhone 5’s on the Walmart site, I think I figured it out. Looks like when you buy the iPhone 5 with StraightTalk, you are getting an Verizon-compatible phone and Verizon service. The service is 3G speeds and the Verizon phones don’t use a SIM card for 3G.

Because I knew that StraightTalk used the AT&T and T-Mobile networks I assumed that their iPhone did as well.  This really might be a better solution for prepaid, I am going to have to look into this a little closer.


  1. Nicole Riley | |

    I have an old iphone 3. I switched to the Straight Talk plan two days ago from being on an AT&T contract. I inserted the SIM card and activated the account. I can make phone calls, and I can send and receive text messages. I canNOT receive any iMessages and I have no internet. I tried scanning the code with the QR reader and it keeps saying that there is an error. Do you have any advice on how I can get my phone to access the internet and to send and receive MMS and iMessages again? I’m running in circles on the Straight Talk website.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Nichole,
      You need to configure your APN and mms settings for data and mms to work. Getting data working is easy, getting mm is a little harder. What version of ios is your phone using? Was you sim blue or pink?


      • Nicole Riley | |

        Hey Bob,

        I just upgraded to ios 6, hoping that that would help. The sim card was the blue standard size.

        Thank you,

      • Nicole Riley | |

        I think my main problem is that every time I scan the code for the APN settings, it says that there’s an error. So I’m at a dead end.

  2. Kait | |

    Hey Bob,

    I wanted to get an unlocked iPhone 5 then put in a sim card from Straight Talk. Your guide mentions you”cut” the AT&T-compatible SIM to a nano SIM so it fit in the iPhone 5. Can you give more detail on how you cut a sim card? I’ve never tried it.


  3. Tina | |

    I am not sure if this is what I need to do or not. I have an old AT&T Iphone and I am on the Straight talk network. I have Data with no problem, I cannot send or receive pictures from anyone that does not have an Iphone, is there anything that I can do to correct this? I sure would appreciate any help that I can get! I have been dealing with this for months. Thank you!

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