Verizon Prepaid 2GB Bonus Data Still Available

As of May 1 2017, the Verizon Wireless Prepaid 2GB bonus data promotion is still available. A lot of people have been asking me if the offer is still available and it is. I visited two different Walmart stores, one on April 30 the other on May 1 2017 and the signs are still up.
For those of you unfamiliar with the offer, if you sign up for Verizon Wireless’s $50 or $70 prepaid plans you’ll get an extra 2GB data per month for the lifetime of your account. So you’ll get 7GB of high speed data with the $50 plan and 12GB with the $70 plan.

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Both stores I visited still had the signs up in the prepaid wireless section. Both stores still had a the promotional sign outside by the door. While this has been promoted as a limited time offer, the stor e employees I spoke with were not aware of an end date for the promotion. They said it could end anytime but no one has given them a date. Several readers and viewers have told me that the promotion would mid March or mid April, but as of May 2017 the bonus data is still available.

One thing I noticed was that neither of the two stores I visited had BYOD SIM kits in stock. If you want to sign up for Verizon Wireless Prepaid and want to bring your own phone or device, you’ll need to buy the SIM kit. I recommend you search for “Verizon SIM” on to find a store in your area that has the SIM kit in stock, available for pickup.

If you are going to order online, make sure to order the SIM kit that ships and is sold by Walmart, not a third party seller. Also, I don’t recommend you buy the SIM that is advertised for iPads and it may not work correctly with your phone. Walmart, currently has the SIM kit listed on sale for $39. This kit includes a $45 service credit and a universal SIM card. Ignore the description on the picture of the kit about it including 1GB of data, the picture is old.

A couple of things about signing up for BYOP and using this kit. You’ll sign up online and may need to contact Verizon support to tell them you bought the kit at Walmart and want the plan with the bonus data. Several people told me they had to do this but had no issue getting the bonus data. One person said he had to add an additional $5 to his account online to qualify for the $50 plan as the SIM kit only comes with $45 credit so you may need to do that too.

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