Verizon Prepaid’s $50 & $70 Plans With Carryover Data

Today I thought I’d follow up on the new $50 and $70 prepaid wireless plans on Previously, I told you about these plans but they weren’t available yet but the plans should be available now.

After checking out, I see the new 5GB $50 plan and 10 GB $70 plan are available now. Both plans have all the same features as when I last reviewed Verizon Wireless Prepaid but these new plans include a new feature called Carry Over Data.

I spent some time looking into the details of Carry Over Data. The description isn’t clear. I read the prepaid wireless plan description, the prepaid wireless FAQ, and even the Carry Over Data FAQ.

As far as I can tell, here is how Carry Over Data works. If you are on the $50 plan or the $70 plan you can carry over up to 5GB or 10GB to the next month respectively. Your Carry Over Data is added to your Available Data for the next month. When you use high speed data, that is subtracted from your available data. At the end of the month, you can carry over 5 GB or 10 GB depending on your plan.

For example, if your on the 5 GB plan and use only 1GB of data, you can carry 4GB of data to the next month. In month 2, you’ll have 9GB of high speed data available. Your data usage will be subtracted from 9GB. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to carry over up to 5GB of data to month 3. So if you only used 2 GB of data in month 2, you’d have 7GB of data left but only 5GB will carry to the next month. So it’s almost as if you use your carry over data first in month 2, and whatever carry over data remains in month 2 is lost moving to month 3. I’m not sure this is correct. It’s what I came up with based on what I read.

I have some other questions too. I don’t see any of the old plans listed. I don’t know if they are still available for new customers or if they are grandfathered for existing customers. I didn’t see any mention of Auto-Pay or the 1GB of bonus data they older plans offered when you signed up to have Verizon charge your credit card.

It looks like I have to spend more time to figure this out, but I did want to provide an update now that the new plans are available. What do you think about the new plans? Do you think I’m right about how Carry Over data works? Leave a reply below and share.

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