Visible Support Left Me Hanging Without Service for 4 Days

A reader, Jon shares…

I have been with visible for over 2 years. I have been left hanging without service for 4 days now. I contacted visible “support” and tried to troubleshoot the issue for 6 hours over 2 sessions. They said the case would be escalated to engineering and that they would contact when resolved. They indicated that it could be 24-48 hrs. It has been WAY over that now and still haven’t heard from them. They simply take your money and could care less if you have ANY service. Have been checking in with visible every few hours to get an update. They simply respond with the same line EVERY time – ” rest assure our team is working hard to formulate a solution for you! ” this is completely useless.

Beware, I was completely happy with my service until I had to contact customer support – it has been nothing but frustration, broken promises and outright lies. Visible is completely happy to let long term customers leave so that they don’t have to troubleshoot any issues

Hi Jon,
Thanks for sharing your experience with Visible. Sorry to hear about your problems.

Many people signup for prepaid to save money, but if you have problems, the savings may not be worth the extra time and effort needed to resolve problems.
Support is expensive and when you charge only $25 per month for unlimited data, one lengthy support incident could actually be a loss for the year on the account. Most prepaid wireless service support isn’t as good as postpaid. With postpaid you can walk into a store and get help, and postpaid wireless service generally offers a support experience with customer relationship in mind. Visible has taken the support thing to the extreme, where you can’t even call for support!

I am not excusing this practice, I just recognize it is what it is and take a pragmatic view on it.

We all know that we don’t get support for free products, but expect top notch support for services we pay for. But what should we expect when we pay for a service where the price isn’t nearly enough to offer that level of support. I don’t know the answer. For me, I would never go back to paying the prices for postpaid wireless. I’m paying $15 per month now. I’ll risk having a support problem in the future. I’ve been using prepaid for close to 10 years now! But I recognize that because that is the right choice for me, it might not be right for everyone.

If it were me, and I just wanted to solve the problem, I’d transfer my service out. You can always go back to Visible later. Ironically, transferring out and back in might be the faster way to solve the problem. In the past, I’ve had Straight Talk customers to just that, transfer their service to a new SIM card themselves rather than wait for Straight Talk to figure out the problem.