Which Towers Do Tracfone Phones Use?

Most phones sold on tracfone.com use the Verizon towers. As part of shopping for a phone on tracfone.com, you’ll be asked for your zip code. The selection of phones offered should use the towers that have service coverage in your area.

If you want to know for sure which towers the phone you want to buy will use, ask Tracfone. The best way to ask is to use the online feature.

Simply give the agent your zip code and tell them which phone you are interested in. For example:

Hi, My zip code is 02108, and I am interested in buying the Apple iPhone SE, can you tell me if that phone uses the Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile towers?

If you are a current Tracfone customer, you can also give them your phone number and ask which towers your current phone uses.

To contact Tracfone customer service via online chat, visit .

You’ll see a button on that page to chat with customer service. The button may only be visible during their customer service business hours.

Note that when you buy a phone directly from Tracfone, you do not have the option to choose which towers that phone uses. If you bring your own phone to Tracfone, you’ll have the choice of using either the Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile towers depending on whether your phone is compatible and whether on not Tracfone offers service for your choice in the area.

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If you are buying a Tracfone phone in a store it’s harder to tell which towers the phone will use. Examine the box carefully. Sometimes they willl give you a clue. A red towers logo or description means Verizon. Blue for AT&T, and Pink for T-Mobile.