Why isn’t my iPhone 8 Plus Compatible with Straight Talk?

YouTuber, popcorn x, asks…

my iPhone 8 Plus has been unlocked from the carrier for almost two years, but when i check the capability it says my phone is incompatible. what do i do?

You only need to check your iPhone 8 Plus’ MEID / IMEI for compatibility if you want to use their Verizon towers. If you want to use the Straight Talk AT&T or T-Mobile towers, simply activate the SIM and put it in your phone. Apple sold two different model iPhone 8 Plus phones in the US. The Model A1864 was the one compatible with Verizon. The Model A1897 Wass used by AT&T and T-Mobile. The A1864 supported “CDMA”, a technology Verizon used, but are retiring now.
If you have an unlocked A1864, you contact Straight Talk using online chat, and ask them to double check your MEID.

If you can’t activate it on the ST Verizon towers and want to be on the Verizon towers check out other prepaid wireless carriers such as Verizon Wireless Prepaid Review March 2020 or Visible. You might find you like their plan options betters. If you have a Model A1897, check it’s eligibility with Verizon prepaid and Visible as well as they may now activate these phones now.