Will I Still Get Tracfone Triple Minutes?

For years, Tracfone offered Triple Minute for Life plans. When you bought a plan, you would be credited three times the number of minutes (texts, and megabytes(mb) too) that were listed on the plan. For example, if the plan care with 400 minutes, you would be credited 1200 minutes. The way these plans worked was that the triple minutes where for the life of your phone, Sometime in 2018 or earlier, Tracfone stopped selling phones and BYOP SIM cards that qualified for triple minute plans. If you are still using a phone that qualified for triple minutes, you can continue to add triple minute plans if you choose.

When you transfer your existing tracfone service to a new phone, your new phone will no longer qualify for triple minute plans, as the triple minutes were for the life of your previous phone. To be clear here though, when you transfer your number and service balance to your new phone all the triple minutes your previously purchased are included in that transfer. The issue if that when you buy a new plan, the minutes will not triple.

However, I find the at Tracfone’s policies are not clearly spelled out. I have a number of conflicted reports from Tracfone customers. Some say their minutes continue to triple, others don’t. One reader said that Tracfone customer service told them they would continue to get triple minutes because they were forced to update their phone because tracfone told them there current phone would no longer be compatible. Upon further discussio, this reader, never actually added a new plan and confirmed that the minutes tripled. So your results may vary.

One option I recommend if to load up your phone with a triple minute plan or two before you transfer your service to the new phone. That way you’ll get triple minutes, potentially one last time. If you already have a huge balance of minutes, check to see if you still qualify for the 365 service days add-on for $50. Some phones still quality for this add on, your new phone may not. See Add 1 Year of Service to Your Tracfone AccountTracfone Discontinued $50 One Year Service Days Add On for more details.

If you do decide to go ahead and upgrade your phone, consider sharing your experience here. It helps out other people make informed decisions. Lets us know what Tracfone told you and whether or not you were still able to receive triple minutes.